Hello Lovely

And There Were Stars in Our Eyes
 - Petra Collins 


complete panic in one screenshot





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If you’re in college right now

Check the syllabus for each one of your classes right now while you bullshittin

Don’t fall behind this early in the semester off some bullshit

Tumblr Turned One Year Shit Post. Please ignore this, unless tagged otherwise.. Or don’t I am not your mum. You don’t have to listen to me.


Okay I don’t do these kinda posts. Only doing this because I promised you two (Elo and Serena) that I will. I know I was meant to do this months ago, but I didn’t because laziness and procrastination. Also doing this because my Tumblr is one year now? So sorry. It’s in no particular order. Here goes nothing.

P.S: Try not to read other people’s paragraph, will ya? Also some people actually paid me to put there names here ($0.22 in Paypal, So you figure out who those people are) Also I am only doing the ones I have in Skype. I will do the rest of you people later if I live that long. Don’t hate me. 

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HARRIS YOU ARE AMAZING, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S BEEN A YEAR ALREADY ! AAAAAW THIS IS SO LOVELY ! THANK YOU SO MUCH UGH I HAVE NO WORDS <3 You’re a great friend :) (sorry I’m always busy, you know I like talking to you) YAY IM HAPPY


lil fetus alex turner